Anti Counterfeiting

Product counterfeiting damages your business success

Product counterfeiters do lucrative business on Online marketplaces operating worldwide and via digital sales channels. Almost all industries and brands suffer from the sale of fake products, while the number of counterfeit items is increasing rapidly. Germany is particularly affected with its innovative products and the damage caused by product counterfeiting amounting to 50 billion euros per year in this country.

Deceptive packaging with serious consequences

Even at second glance, your customers cannot recognize classic imitations as counterfeit products, because criminal imitators use identical packaging and the brand name without hesitation. What reaches consumers are products of inferior quality, mostly poorly processed or produced with ingredients that fluctuate between ineffective and harmful. Your customers' trust in your brand is at stake.

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Smart Anti-Counterfeiting

You direct your energy to the development and distribution of your product portfolio, while we fight the online sale of counterfeit goods. Precisely for this purpose, our IT specialists have created a fully automated process that searches all major online marketplaces and internet pages 24/7 for potential counterfeits of your products. Our self-learning software finds these and reports the findings to you, so that the product counterfeits can be removed immediately after your confirmation.

In 54% of all cases, counterfeit products
are distributed worldwide via B2B or B2C platforms

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How can I protect my trademark?

Online marketplaces (OMPs) and social media platforms are hubs for counterfeits. Manual monitoring is unfortunately always inefficient and expensive. With our Software, we help you to gain the necessary transparency about all suspicious online offers worldwide - cost-effectively and consistently. Because our software never sleeps!

Trademark registration

The basis for holding imitators accountable is the registration of industrial property rights - preferably worldwide! Because you can only take action against misuse in the countries in which your trademark is registered.

Constant Monitoring

Constant market observation in retail, at trade fairs, and on the internet is essential. Our software automatically scans all relevant offers on the internet 24/7 and reveals potential violations.


Be open about the problem. The fact that they are being imitated also shows that you have a popular, high-quality product! By means of Public Relations, you can inform customers and promote customer loyalty.

Quick Removal

The immediate deletion of all illegal offers quickly and effectively prevents further distribution and thus the further spread of these products. In this way, further damage can be efficiently avoided.

Current industry news

$1.7 Million In Counterfeit Perfume Seized Ahead Of Mother's Day


Customs officers in Miami have seized $1.7 million in counterfeit perfume from China that could have been sold as Mother's Day gifts.

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Studie zur weltweiten Produktpiraterie

CounterfeitingMarket Research

79 Prozent der Unternehmen werden mehrmals im Jahr Opfer von Produktfälschungen.

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