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Copyright protects owners from unauthorized use of their intellectual property. If a person or a company has created an original work (e.g. a photograph) or has acquired the exclusive right of use, he or she may determine solely who uses the work and how it is used. The protection of copyright complements trademark protection on the online marketplaces. You can use copyright to ensure that, for example, your product photos are not simply used by unauthorized sellers as a "lure" and may mislead the buyer.

The problem with the pictures

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that unlicensed dealers on online marketplaces use unauthorized copyrighted photographs. These can be, for example, product images as well as high-quality campaign images. The retailers use these pictures to give their appearance seriousness and to improve the online appearance supposedly free of charge.

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Our solution: reverse image search

Through our reverse image search, which is based on machine learning, we find copies of product and campaign images on every online marketplace. However, not only 1:1 duplicates, but also modified or cropped variants of the original work are detected. In addition to anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, we offer full protection of a brand on online marketplaces with copyright.

EU-wide, annual losses of up to 60 billion euros are connected to trademark infringement and product piracy.

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We protect your products and your brand

Sentryc stands for automated brand and product protection made in Germany. With our passion and experience, we track down product pirates wherever they are up to mischief on online marketplaces and social networks. We consider ourselves guardians for your branded products, your trading partners, and your customers.

Customized & individual

With our risk analysis, you always get an individually tailored offer with recommendations from our experts. But honest feedback is also always welcome!

Fast implementation

We take care of the set-up! It usually takes less than 2 weeks from the implementation to the first take down. After that, we usually issue a take down in less than 48 hours.

Personal service

Our superheroes are always there for you. Whether you have questions or need a new Health Check: transparency, loyalty and agility are our guiding values.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany stands not only for special quality and great reliability, but also for safety standards and GDPR conformity.

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