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Aktuelle Pressestimmen

Vorsicht vor Fälschungen beim Black Friday


Die Black Week steht an. Schnäppchenjäger sollten sich da nicht zu sehr von niedrigen Preisen leiten lassen. Denn immer wieder verbergen sich Fälschungen dahinter. Und die schaden Mensch und Umwelt.

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Das Kopierbusiness blüht – und drängt ins Firmenkundengeschäft


Deutsche Industrieunternehmen leiden mehr denn je unter Plagiaten. Die Fälscher werden aggressiver, frecher und professioneller. Doch viele Exportstars haben Wege gefunden, sich zu wehren – selbst in China.

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Fakes am deutschen Markt: So groß ist die Belastung 2022


Vor der heißen Konsumphase des Jahres möchte ich mich mit einer kurzen Bestandsaufnahme zurückmelden. Produktfälscher kommen in Fahrt: In den Monaten September, Oktober und November steigen die Rechtsstreitigkeiten zum Thema Fälschung um 60 Prozent an. Doch wie stark sind Brands und Produkte made in Germany davon betroffen und wie trifft das Thema Plagiate aktuell den Handel?

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Current press releases

Watch out, fake! Five good reasons to look out for originals when shopping online.


The months from October to December are considered the hot phase of consumption. Black Friday, Cyberweek and Christmas keep the tills ringing in online stores. As the cost of living rises, many consumers want to save as much as possible on their budgets. But those who are led by fantastically low prices in stores, on marketplaces or via social media not infrequently fall into the counterfeiters' trap. In almost three out of four cases, consumers even accept that the product is a counterfeit. This text summarizes why this behavior only provides brief pleasure at best and also causes damage to the environment and people.

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Fakes on the German market: this is how big the burden is in 2022


A survey commissioned by Sentryc shows how affected German companies experience the counterfeiting situation, how they assess future developments and what they are actively doing to combat plagiarism.

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Sentryc Raises EUR 5 million in Series-A


On course for growth: French VC Seventure Partners invests in Berlin-based AIBrand Protection start-up Sentryc.

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Patent bizarre - adventurous trade mark registrations


For Intellectual Property Day, Brand Protection provider Sentryc presents both successful and bizarre patent entries.

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Counterfeits in the soccer industry - what you can do about it


The times of bad fakes are over; today's counterfeits are no longer as obvious as a cheap souvenir from a recent holiday. But how can the fakes be easily distinguished from the replica (not fake!) and authentic jerseys? More importantly, why do consumers buy fake merchandise, and how can it be prevented?

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